Magnehelic Gauges

Dwyer Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauge

No power requirements
Easy to read 100mm Dial
Simple rugged design
High resistance to vibration and shock
High overpressure threshold
No manometer fluid to evaporate or freeze
Suitable for surface and flush mounting
Extensive selection of ranges available
Complete with instructions, mounting and connection fittings

Ambient temprature range > -7c to 60c
Rated total pressure > -20 inchHg to 15 psig
Overpresure > 15psig
Connections > 1/8inch NPT (Compatible with BSP)
Housing > Die cast aluminium with exterior hammerloid baked finish
Accuracy > From +- 2% (4%F.S) Depending on range
Weight > 0.51Kg (1lb 2oz)

Air filter monitoring
Fan Pressure
Air Flow
Air Velocity
Static Pressure
Fan Proving
Clean Roooms

High pressure models
Low temprature models available -20c
ASF Covers setpoint indicators (standard model only)
Red/Green/Amber transparent overlays
Mirrored overlays for parallax error free viewing
LED setpoint indicator (requires 12-24 volt supply)
Mounted in a wall enclosure
Stainless steel tags
Special scales
Calibration Certificates
Test Certificates
Wide range of accessories available